Norton and LifeLock are now part of one company giving you all in one protection for your identity, devices and online privacy. Subsequently, with Norton 360 you get protection against cybercriminals stealing personal information plus a VPN for online privacy. Norton 360 with lifeLock select offers protection up to 5 PC’s ,Mac’s, Smartphones  and tablets. 

norton 360 lifelock

This bundle combines Norton 360 deluxe ( 5 devices with 100 gb cloud network ) and LifeLock Select identity protection service includes Up-to $ 25000 stolen funds Reimbursement, up-to 25000 personal expenses compensation and 1 million coverage for lawyers and experts. 

Advantages of Norton 360 LifeLock :

Real- time Threat Protection :

 It is a multi layered advance security technology helps in protecting existing and emerging malware threats. Norton 360 with LifeLock select helps in protecting your financial and private information when you go online. Consequently,  A 24 hour technology helps to stop the latest attacks before reaching your device.

Parental Control :

Norton 360 gives you the tools to see what videos they watch,  terms you search for and websites they visit. Hence, It helps in searching only for the relevant and significant information. Hence This helps in facilitating positive parenting and engage on important topics accordingly. 

Smart Firewall :

Norton 360 firewall monitors the network traffic sent and received on your computer when you are connected to the internet. Hence, this helps in protecting the personal files and data on your device from harmful attacks and malwares.

Virus Protection Promise : 

Norton LifeLock will refund your money if you get a virus that norton cannot remove. As well as, If your device got injected by viruses, member services  and support agents are ready to help. Also, Norton is so confident in antivirus and malware protection that if the can’t remove the virus, your money will be returned. 

Secure VPN :

Password protected wifi are not as protected as you think. Consequently, Password can be hacked by experts or it could be leaked. A Virtual Private Network gives you protection and encryption for online privacy when you use a public or shared wifi network.

Credit Monitoring :

As a norton livestock member, they monitor key changes to your credit file at one or all three credit bureaus depending on your plan. Also, It gives an alert which helps you in detecting fraud and catches potential identity theft issues. 

LifeLock Identity Alert System : 

It send alerts for a wide range of potential threats by text, phone , email or mobile app through the LifeLock identity alert. If something doubtful or suspicious comes up, their identity restoration specialists are ready to help.

Lost Wallet Protection : 

As a Norton LifeLock member, if your wallet is left or stolen , you can call and inform them. They will cancel or replace credit cards, driver’s licenses, social security cards, insurance cards or more. 

Fictitious Identity Monitoring :

Sometimes crimes can be done by using social security number with someone else’s name and address. This is called synthetic identity theft.  Criminals can fake personal information connected to your identity to open accounts or commit fraud. Norton protects your identity by scanning for names and addresses connected with your social security number.

Court Records Scanning :

Sometimes, Criminals commit crimes and gave the police  your name instead of their own. As a result, to protect against criminal identity theft, we check court records for matches of your name and date of birth to criminal activity. This helps in protecting you from the crimes, you know nothing about. 

Data Breach Notifications :

Norton 360  let you know about large- scale breaches, so one can protect your personal information. The information is virtually everywhere from doctors, insurance companies , employers and your favourite retailers. Hence,  It helps in maintaining the privacy of confidential information. 

SSN & Credit Alerts : 

If someone opened a new credit card, cell phone plan or auto loan in your name, it can be a problem. But identity thieves can open new credit lines, cell phone accounts or auto loans in your name. Large amount of debt can be easily raised in your name. SSN is a part of LifeLock identity system alert you to new credit card applications, cell phone applications, auto loans within our network. Hence, one can confirm that the activity is fraudulent. 

Investment Activity Alerts :

If money gets stolen from your bank account, how soon would you come to know? Investment and retirement accounts are usually the lifeline for future financial growth. Norton 360 with LifeLock select alerts you for all withdrawals and transfers. Hence it makes you aware about all the transactions in your account. 

Court Records Scanning : 

If someone committed a crime and gave the police your name instead of their own. To protect fake criminal identities, Norton 360 check court records for matches of your name and date of birth to criminal activity. This protects you false arrests and conviction , you know nothing about. 

What we conclude from Norton 360 LifeLock :

So above are all are the advantages of Norton 360 with LifeLock select. It helps in protecting your devices from viruses and Malware. It provides privacy to your confidential and personal information. Norton with LifeLock protects you from criminals identity theft and also provides you online privacy by a secure VPN.For further Help you can visit Norton Support page if you have any query related to Norton 360 LifeLock.